Shadow Crimes

Shadow Crimes

In the high-stakes world of international fashion, beauty can be murder...

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About the Book

Since Anna McKenna lost her parents as a young child, she’s done everything she can to care for her disabled baby brother. Now eighteen, the beautiful young woman has a chance to provide for them both. The year is 1978, and Anna has been discovered by modeling agent Natasha Burns.

Anna quickly realizes that the fashion industry attracts sleazy characters who prey on the innocence and naïveté of newcomers, but she thinks she can handle herself. Her uncle Mickey, a police detective, isn’t so sure. He knows that one of Burns’s models was found raped and murdered only three months ago, and when a second model meets the same fate after a party at Studio 54, he becomes convinced that a sexual predator stalks Burns’s modeling agency.

Who preys on the women of Natasha Burns’s agency? Is it the seedy movie producer who accosts Anna at Bloomingdale’s, a photographer, or the handsome male model she travels with on assignment to Italy? In an industry where women are seen as objects to be used and discarded, anyone could be responsible.

Knowing the killer could be anywhere, even lurking in Italy, Anna’s uncle, Detective Mickey Gallo, is on the next plane out, with no time to waste. If he doesn’t catch the killer, Anna’s modeling career will end in violence and tragedy.

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